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FAQ’s for Candidates

  • Should I prepare myself for the assessment?
    Apart from any preparation tasks, no. Just be yourself.
  • Which aids do I have for my presentation task?
    Computer, projector, flipchart and pin boards.
  • I have a whole-day assessment – do I have to ensure my own lunch?
    No, you will be invited.
  • What information on the assessment am I given and what will the company receive to which I have applied?
    You will receive the same assessment report that the company does.
  • Do I have a right to receive feedback on the assessment?
    You also have the right to feedback on the phone or in person in addition to the report.
  • When will I learn about the assessment results?
    This depends on the agreement with the customer, usually about 1-2 weeks after the assessment.
  • What clothes should I wear to the assessment?
    Dress as for any regular job interview – business and casual.

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