Content - Strategic HR Management

Driving performance, efficiency and change is the challenge in HR management

…do I develop a strategy?
…do I build an effective organisation?
…do I increase our performance?
…do I find and recognise outstanding talents?
…do I successfully manage post-merger integration?
…do I qualify my employees?

Prisma is the competence "general contractor" who plans, builds and operates the bridge for sustainable corporate success with you.

Strategy determination with the balanced scorecard (BSC)

Strategies define guidelines and direction. HR managers who hold a holistic management task (management members) are responsible for strategy determination and implementation. Balanced scorecard (BSC) is a proven concept for development of strategies and their implementation into action.

From the strategy to the HR roadmap

We are your inspiring sparring partners who "challenge" you in strategic and operative questions so that you will receive a clear roadmap for performance increase in your area of responsibility that makes you secure, confident in your argumentation and able to act in all respects.